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Kate Denton

Gill Brown


Livingstone Art Founders - Kate Denton

Kate was born in Sheffield.  She spent her formative years living in the Channel Islands and went to Goldsmiths College where she studied under Sir Ivor Robert-Jones.

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Livingstone Art Founders - Gill Brown

Gill Brown was born and brought up in Liverpool, where she studied sculpture at the Liverpool College of Art for five years. After teaching art and pottery in the North, she went to America where she worked as a freelance artist.

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Philip Jackson

Maurice Blik


Livingstone Art Founders - Philip Jackson

Philip Jackson's ability to convey the human condition through the skilful use of body language is well known.

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Livingstone Art Founders - Maurice Blik

Born in 1939, by the age of four Maurice Blik was face to face with the questions and choices that philosophers, artists and religions have left unanswered. 

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Mo Farquharson

William Turnbull


Mo Farquharson trained as a sculptor in Edinburgh, Oxford and the USA and is a Member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors.

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Livingstone Art Founders - William Turnbull

Scottish sculptor, painter and printmaker. In the early 1950s Turnbull was involved with the Independent group at the ICA, whose lectures on recent scientific, sociological and philosophical ideas interested Turnbull.

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Tessa Pullan

Jenna Gearing




Livingstone Art Founders - Jenna Gearing

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