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Maurice Blik



Livingstone Art Founders - Maurice Blik - Uncertain Victory


Livingstone Art Founders - Maurice Blik - Renaissance

Uncertain Victory












Born in 1939, by the age of four Maurice Blik was face to face with the questions and choices that philosophers, artists and religions have left unanswered.  He was taken, with his family, from their home in Amsterdam, to Belsen concentration camp, and finally liberted by the Russian Cossacks in 1945 whilst on a train on his way to execution. He survived with his mother and sister and came to live in England after WWII, in 1945.

The ability to come to terms with this experience and to confront the face of humanity that he had witnessed, stayed silent in his life for some forty years. It finally found a voice in the passionate and exquisite sculpture which began to emerge in the late 1980s.

Blik began by making a series of horses' heads. These noble and benevolent creatures posses an energy and a life force that seem just barely harnessed long enough to take their shape in the clay itself.

He then progressed on to his figurative work - sometimes inspiring and sometimes frightening in its intensity. These pieces move from the heavy, amorphous, incomprehensible mass of primal clay, towards the searing beauty of Blik's exquisitely modelled human features. The irrepressible joy of life and the destructive, inpenetrable shadow of existence, are held together in a struggling unity.

Blik has had an extensive career in Art Education, teaching at all levels from Primary to Post Graduate. In the 1980s he began to develop his own artwork and in 1991 gave up teaching to work full time on sculpture. He has a post-graduate Art Teacher's Certificate with Distinction from London University. In 1996 he was elected President of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Maurice Blik works in the UK and USA where he was awarded residency by the US Government as 'a person of extraordinary artistic ability'.

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